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Necessity is the mother of invention. Kenyan tea growers have been plagued by the ever-falling prices of black tea which has been traditionally grown in Kenya since 1903. In the recent years, the global market for black tea has been saturated. At the end of 2014, prices were down to near-historic lows and that is when Kenyan tea growers said ‘Tosha Tosha’ which means Enough is Enough in the local Swahili. A good number of Kenyan tea growers are now switching to grow a newly discovered tea, the Kenya purple tea. It turns out that apart from its delightful purple color and being a great thirst quencher, this type of tea has greater health benefits than either green tea or black tea.

BevNET Live Winter 2015

Founder and CEO Martin Kabaki invited to speak about Kenyan purple tea at 2015 BevNET Conference in Santa Monica, CA.

 Kenyan Tea Growers Are Determined To Change The Way The World Looks At Healthy TEA….

  • Martin Kabaki
    Martin Kabaki Founder and CEO

About Martin Kabaki

Martin Kabaki was born in a town called Limuru which is in the county of Kiambu in Kenya.  Martin moved to live in the US in 1999 and he is very passionate in bringing gourmet Kenyan products into the US market. He is a huge fan of organic and fair trade and he is currently working directly with a group of tea growers in Kenya who are growing a new type of tea that is healthier than any other teas due to its high levels of anthocyanins. Martin’s goal is to get this new Kenyan purple tea into as many retail outlets as possible across the world so that the poor tea growers back in his Kenyan homeland can reap the benefits of their hard work.

Partner With Us

At Kenya Purple Tea, LLC, we believe in our product.  We have no doubt that our Iced Kenyan Purple Tea is a new, exciting and innovative tea beverage that will become very popular globally if well marketed and distributed. If you are a distribution company that is interested in working with us, please drop us a line here

We are looking for a Public Relations company that sees the potential in our new beverage,  the Iced Kenyan Purple Tea. We work directly with a group of poor tea growers in Kenya who are passionate about tea farming and are committed to organic, fair trade and sustainability. They Kenyan tea farmers are also tired of middlemen and they are determined to market their amazing new tea directly to the retailers. If you PR company would like to help us tell our story, please send us a note here

We realize that in order for us to have the biggest impact on the poor tea growers in Kenya that we work with,  we will need an aggressive sales approach.  Our goal is to get our Iced Kenyan Purple Tea into as many retail outlets as possible all over the world. If you are an energetic sales and marketing company that sees potential in our new tea beverage,  we would love to hear from you. Please send us a message here

It is amazing how social media has become such a powerful tool in getting the word out. We are looking for a company that will help manage abd run our social media campaign. Our goal at Kenya Purple Tea, LLC is to reach out to as many people as we can to let the know about the next big thing – our Iced Kenyan Purple Tea. If your company is passionate about helping startups create an online presence,  please send us a message here.

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