What Are The Benefits Of Purple Tea (Camellia sinensis)

Currently cultivated in the Kenyan rich volcanic mountain soils is the rare purple tea that has a pleasant aroma. It is known for not only its health benefits but is also said to have beautifying properties. Purple tea has a sweet taste that gives it a stronger flavor and provides a rare thirst quenching element compared to other teas.

Purple tea health benefits include:

  • Purple tea has a high antioxidant content that provides for anti-cancer benefits.
  • It contains anthocyanins which help reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.
  • Its’ lower caffeine content enhances the blood sugar metabolism, improves vision and cholesterol.
  • Regular consumption of its extracts has been said to aid in weight reduction (reduce obesity).

It also promotes good digestion and an increased metabolism rate that may lead to weight loss. Purple tea will enhance women’s’ looks. Its extracts have beauty benefits such as; prevention of hair loss, anti-ageing properties and enhances skin tone. It is simple to prepare and the results are visible after a short time making the body feel less tired, look better and feel healthier.

Try Purple Tea for Your Self!

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