Questions and Answers about Purple Tea

“Having grown up in Kenya, I am committed to connecting the Kenyan purple tea growers directly to distributors and retailers here in the US. My hope is to get them a decent price for their amazing new tea.”

Martin Kabaki, Founder and CEO, Kenya Purple Tea, LLC

Learn more about Kenya Purple Tea. If you have any queries feel free to contact us and we shall be able to help you out.

Why should I consider Kenya purple tea?

We are exclusively in direct contact with the purple tea growers in Kenya. Our company, Kenya Purple Tea, LLC is wholly committed to spreading the word about this new and exciting tea. is the leading pioneer in bringing Kenyan purple tea to the market all over the world.

What is Kenyan purple tea and how it is different from other teas?

Kenyan purple tea is a new type of tea that was recently discovered in Kenya. It is the first tea of its kind. The Kenyan purple tea is different because it has purple colored leaves when growing on the farm.

The reason of purple leaves is that the Kenyan purple tea contains high levels on anthocyanin, a compound that is known to have very powerful antioxidant properties. Very similar to other purple colored crops like beet, grapes, purple potato, purple corn, etc.

Who owns Kenya Purple Tea, LLC?

Kenya Purple Tea, LLC is a private enterprise that was started by Martin Kabaki, a native of Kenya who now lives in the USA. Martin Kabaki is the pioneer in bringing the newly discovered Kenyan purple tea into the global market. He has been at the forefront of encouraging tea growers back in his Kenyan homeland to grow this new tea.

What are the different tea packages offered by Kenya Purple Tea?

There are different tea packages of Kenya Purple tea including the ready to drink versions. Various types of tea available are:

  1. Kenyan purple tea bags (15 tea bags in a box)
  2. Kenyan purple tea in loose leaf for home use (2 oz per packet)
  3. Kenyan purple tea bottled/ready-to-drink (16 fl oz per bottle)
  4. Kenyan purple tea in single serve cups (K-cups) (10 cups in a box)
  5. Kenyan purple tea in loose leaf in wholesale for tea shops (1-kilo minimum)
  6. Kenyan purple tea in bulk for import/export
  7. Kenyan purple tea distillate
  8. Kenyan purple tea concentrate
  9. Kenyan purple tea extract
How does Kenyan purple tea help the tea growers in Kenya?

Most of the tea farmers in Kenya traditionally grow regular black tea. The tea farmers are still indigent because black tea has a lot of competition from other tea producing countries like India and China and the global prices of tea keep falling each year. Kenyan black tea is usually used to blend other poor quality teas.

The Kenyan purple tea is an opportunity which will put Kenyan on the map as a specialty tea producer. The Kenyan purple tea also pays the tea growers between 6 to 10 times higher than black tea, and most tea farmers in Kenya are now switching to growing this new tea.

Therefore, the Kenyan purple tea provides more revenues to the poor tea growers who in turn helps to improve their standard of living.

How does Kenya Purple Tea, LLC give back to the tea grower

10% of the pre-tax profit is donated to Kijiji Medical, a non-profit hospital in Naivasha town who mission is to bring better quality healthcare to disenfranchised rural communities in Kenya.

Kijiji started as a small dialysis clinic, but we are currently in the process of upgrading it into a much bigger full-fledged hospital.

Our goal is to provide additional medical services like dental care, eye care, cancer screening, and cancer care, laboratory, pharmaceutical, etc. which are virtually non-existent in poor and remote areas of Kenya.

What are the payments offered?

Payments can be made through debit or credit cards. Prices are displayed on the website and charged in US$. If you would prefer to mail a check, use the Western Union or money order, PayPal or any other, please contact us first through our Contact Us page

What are the health benefits associated with Kenyan purple tea?

They are several health benefits associated with Kenyan purple tea. In fact, a recent claims that the Kenyan purple tea has more health benefits than all the other types of teas put together including green tea.

Just search for ‘health advantages of Kenyan purple tea’ on Google and you will be amazed by what you will find.

Is Kenyan Purple Tea, LLC hiring?

We are looking for sales-oriented people who can help us spread the word about this new and amazing tea from Kenya. Do you have the drive and energy to set up a tent at your local farmers market to sell Kenyan purple tea?

Do you have any ideas on how we can spread the word about this new tea? Please contact us and we will support you as much as we can.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can send our Kenyan purple tea to any country in the world. The minimum order is at least one kilo. We normally use DHL as our airfreight courier.

You can contact us through our Contact Us page for more specific information on shipping internationally.

How can I contact your customer care service?

You can contact us through our Contact Us page. We at Kenya Purple Tea, LLC love to hear any suggestions, compliments, complaints, comments or concerns that you may have.